Herma Auguste Wittstock Performance Art

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2006 / 2 hours / live performance / Galerie Dachschiff, Berlin, DE

I lie naked on top of a wooden beam on my left side. My mouth is open. I do not move at all. After a while saliva comes out of my mouth and drips onto a table below me.

Hysterie is a work about the limits of the public and my feelings. How does the audience cope with the situation when saliva drips next to them onto a table? What is their reaction when they see me over their heads in this ill-looking-position? What they are thinking?

When I lay on this beam it was uncomfortable and cold. When I opened my mouth I felt hysteria inside. I wished to shout, but in this piece it was not allowed. I test my limits, how to be in a hysterical mood, but not showing it outside. Only the saliva showed the hysteria.


Photos/Videos: Jens Kutílek