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About My Work

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The main subject of my performance works is to find out the audience’s limits and where my own mental limits are, the limits between strength and pain.

It is important to take energy from my performance and to pass the energy to the audience. The audience and me explore new ways.

My body is my temple, my point of interest.

People, things and spaces have an inner logic. Every situation can be a performance, as well as I am a performance myself. I try to simplify everyday life and put it into a new context. I play with time and concentration.

In my group works I am interested in other artists’ ways of working and thinking and how each artist’s ideas are transformed into a different idea when combined. My own positions become clearer through the exchange.

Since two years I changed my structure how to prepare the performance. For me it is more and more interesting to play with the place where I have to perform. First I go to some places, feel the air there and the smell and the atmosphere and situation. No picture can show it to me. So sometimes I choose strange corners, streets ... whatever and then it is so interesting how to handle the situation. I see the people on the street and know if I like to do an interactive or not interactive piece. I handle the situation and the material I have with me or what I can find. Sometimes I know my subject before but I really love the experience I and the people around me get from all the spontaneous situations. But the exhibition is not so spontaneous, because the preparation some days before is without any plans but it grows up and has mostly a clear structure before the exhibition will open.