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Wednesday, 05. July 2006

Bye Bye Germany

When I was in Dublin I went to a pub to watch the quarter final of the worldcup, Germany against Argentine.

I forgot that the time in Dublin is one hour earlier than in Germany. So they had played 60 minutes before I started to watch the game. And the result was one goal for Argentine, no goal for Germany. Oh my God, it looked not good. I drank a Guinness and a second one. Wow, the Germans counterpoised the goal, one to one was the result. I was so happy that some tears came out of my eyes.

The extra time was without any goal, but exciting. The penalty started: oh, oh I wished Germany would win. I could not really watch, but I did. And then I cried, I cried strong and intensive, I cried for luckiness. The Germans win. Never in my life I was so deep inside any soccer game before.

Yesterday I was in the middle of Berlin, at the Brandenburg gate. One million people watched the soccer game, the semi final, Germany against Italy, there. Unbelievable! Everybody was in a good mood and celebrated the day …

It was a nice picture with all the German flags and tricots etc. People laughed on the streets, they danced and were in a relaxed and happy mood. Everything was nice.

But then in the last 3 minutes: The goal for Italy. Silence around, some people fell to the street and cried. It was sad, strange and really a pity. Then the 2:0 for Italy, people leave. Nobody said anything, no party anymore, nobody was in a good mood.

It was really really a pity, I wished to hear and see one goal for the Germans. The feeling to hear and see one million people being totally happy must be a fantastic situation and picture and feeling.

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