Herma Auguste Wittstock Performance Art

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2009 / 30 minutes / live performance / Humboldt Umspannwerk Kunstsalon, Berlin, DE
Collaboration with Christine Haase, Beate Linne

Christine and me wear a simple, black dress. Beate wears black trousers and a black pullover.

Christine stands leaning forward and has a funnel in her mouth. Black liquid drops from the funnel. Beate and me kneel to the right and left of Christine. Our mouths are open slightly and now and then some small, yellow balls fall down out of our mouths.

Later the floor, covered with paper, is sprinkled with the small, yellow balls and a black colour spot.

Beate and me blow the balls out of order. The balls smudge with the colour. Then we try to put the balls in an order.

At the end all three of us crumple the paper into a huge ball.

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Photos/Videos: Julischka Stengele