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Wrap your troubles in dreams

2012 / 27 minutes / live performance / Kunsthaus ACUD, Berlin, DE
Collaboration with Declan Rooney The New Spastiks

As in a song cycle, our performance is a group of seven short performances designed to be received in a sequence as a single entity. The unity of the cycle will be underlined by musical means, through several interpretations of the popular song ‘Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams’ written by Harry Barris, Ted Koehler and Billy Moll in 1931.

1 The Thumbs – up down and in-between

2 The Clapping Spoons – the sound of one hand clapping and some spoons

3 The Knives – x4 knives and a bright white smile

4 The Salt And Vinergar – chips

5 The Light – and how we shimmer

6 The X – for us adults

7 The Thumbs (Duo Variation) up and down and in-between again

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Photos/Videos: Alexandra Gneisel