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There Are Seven Ways To Heaven

2011 / 30 minutes / live performance / 5ème Préavis de désordre Urbain, Marseille, FR
Collaboration with Declan Rooney The New Spastiks

Heaven is perceived as a vault in which the sun, moon, stars, and planets are situated. It is a place, state, or experience of supreme bliss, apparently.

1 The Sound Piece – Crackling / |ˈkrepəˌtāt|

2 The Lyric Piece – ‘How Are You? – So So So So’

3 The Flipping Out Piece – Over and over, again and again

4 The Lenticular Piece – Be Here Now!

5 The Ausdruckstanz Piece – Ausdruckstanz!

6 The Light Piece – ‘Radiate light from the back to the front’

7 The Shorts Piece – Comment Ca Va?