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Image Of Sevilla

2009 / 30 minutes / live performance / Centro de las Artes de Sevilla, Sevilla, ES

At one side of the exhibitions room is an arch. Behind it are two windows. Because of their form it reminds on church windows. At the pike of the arch is a swing fixed. The swing rope are fixed with oranges.

I wear a black winter coat, black gloves and black high heels. I have donned the hood.

One foot stands on the swing, the other one stands on the floor. In the left hand I hold an orange. After a while I squash the orange and put this hand in my pocket. As I take the hand out of the pocket, the glove is filled up with golden glitter. Slowly I open the coat and take from it near the breast green flowers made by serviettes.
I take off the coat and stand on the swing. My left hand holds my right breast. I freeze this position.
I take oranges from the swing and eat it, fist slowly, later fast, so that the juice runs over my body. Always I take one onage and offer it to the public, so that after a while one after the other has an orange. I stand next to the swing, squash an orange with the right hand and put the juice into my mouth. I look to the public and scream one time really loud and long. I go away.

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Photos/Videos: Stephanie Echeinberg