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Four On The Floor

2009 / 40 minutes / live performance / Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, DE
Collaboration with Declan Rooney The New Spastiks

Collaboration The New Spastiks

Declan and me sit on the floor. We wear green t-shirts and dark trousers.

The Hairspray Piece

Each of us takes a can of hairspray, sprays it into his/her hair and tease the hair.

The Level Piece

We close our eyes. Each of us takes a level and tries to hold it even.

The Handysound Piece

Declans mobile phone rings. We put the level away and open our eyes. Declan plays different sounds from his moblie and I dance to it.

The LM Piece

Each of us takes a pack of the favourite cigarettes of the people in Kassel (LM) from his/her pocket and we open the packs. We try to chuck a cigarette into our mouths. The cigarettes fall on the floor. We put them back into the pack and try it again till each of us has a cigarette in the mouth. We keep the cigarettes into our mouths, put a hat on our heads and leave the space. Outside we smoke the cigarettes.

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Photos/Videos: Mathieu Bohet