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Four Elements

2005 / 3 hours / live performance / Třebešice, Caslav, CZ

Wearing a long white dress with a long trail, I’m swimming in wather, rolling on earth, sitting on stones and breathing deep and fresh air and I’m undressing the dress and putting it into fire.

Four Elements is a performance based on four short pieces. When I was in the castle from trebesice I was feeling so natural. I saw the river around the castle and I breathed deep and fresh air.
Happiness was around me. The four elements is a performance about the basic needs. The white dress is my symbol for freedom, happiness and life. Wather, earth, air and fire are the real life, the four elements. In this piece I delve into the four elements and feel them intensiv. At the end of this piece, when I put the dress into the fire, my life meld into the elements, the circle of life starts new. I’m free for new energy and new thoughts.


Photos/Videos: Eugenio Percossi