Herma Auguste Wittstock Performance Art

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2014 / 2 hours / live performance / Trinitatiskirche Mannheim, Mannheim, DE

I’m standing in front of an altar at church. A spotlight is directed on me. I’m wearing a simple, white, calf-length dress. In my arms I’m holding 13 amaryllis in white. I’m standing, I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m sad, afflicted, happy, solicitous, angry… lot of emotions break out of me, but it is just visible on my face.
I’m playing with the stalk of the amaryllis. The stalks are breaking, black colour runs out, runs out on my dress, covers the floor.
At the end I’m holding each amaryllis up – a farewell – and drop it on the floor.

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Photos/Videos: Peter Empl